BFF 911: How to Peacefully Resolve Conflict with Your Bestie 


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Resolving conflict with a friend can be hard.

Trust me, I get it.

I see your frustration. I feel your pain. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to figure out exactly what to do and say to get a tough conversation to go smoothly

Especially when there’s so much shared history.

You don’t want to damage the relationship further, but there’s real tensionWhich means ...

... you need to address it in order to move forward 

& keep the friendship healthy.

When you know how to confidently & competently resolve conflict with a dear friend,


you both get the love, respect and connection you desire. 🤗

So let me share the "HOW" with you.


Inside this super helpful Cheatsheet,



1️⃣ Say what you mean without being mean


2️⃣  Resolve conflict without giving your power away


3️⃣  Express your feelings w/out damaging the relationship further


4️⃣  Know & use your lines - both what to say and where to draw 'em (aka healthy boundaries)


🤭 AAAND ... I'm sharing the ONE thing you’ve ❌GOT to stop doing if you really want a respectful, trusting, harmonious relationship with your favorite gal pal!

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With these 4 Essential Communication Tools —

you'll be able to set yourself up to successfully navigate those "choppy conversation waters" with your Bestie.    

Even when we’re experiencing a spectrum of emotions — we’ve still gotta show up & use our words.

But being the generous, thoughtful & caring woman that I know you are isn’t always easy.   


That's exactly why the four techniques in this resource are game-changers.

In each of the four scenarios you’ll get a peek into real-life conversations I had with women via email.

Their situations are so relatable, you'll be able to apply the same brilliant Communication Tools and 💎✨💬 Magical Phrases to YOUR situation as well!


✅ You have a friend who makes most conversations about herself. 

✅ You need to set boundaries with your bestie.

✅ You’ve ever experienced a friend saying something hurtful or unkind.




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Grab this cheatsheet  & you’ll be using your voice confidently... 

to verbally "hug it out." 

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Discover the tips & techniques you need to create the friendship you want 

Learn how to keep the conversation on track, how to even get it started, AND how to confidently hold your own  so you can salvage your connection

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AmyK Hutchens is all about personal & professional growth – one conversation at a time. AmyK is an international award-winning speaker, the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the books, GET IT: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary and Success You Want and The Secrets Leaders Keep and is the founder of the global community

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Are you ready to use your voice and create the connected & respectful relationship you want with your BFF?

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