LifeForce Leadership Program

✭ ✭ ✭

4 Days of Transformation

~ Aug 1-4, 2024 ~

to ResetElevate and Embody your unique BRILLIANCE as a Woman Leader.


Imagine being part of a

Dream Team...

Imagine being part of a Dream Team...

of brilliant, savvy, successful, fun-loving Women in Leadership, all joining forces to ELEVATE and EXPAND together.


When we shine in our full radiance... our teams, our businesses, our communities & our families elevate too.


The EVE-OLUTION of your personal & professional growth starts here with us - as Divine Feminine Leaders.



What our IIC Members are saying...

"The Iconic Inner Circle was more than I could have ever asked for!
What a powerful blend of actionable steps to implement immediately with energy, healing, and high-vibe, brilliant women. AmyK is an incredible speaker who leads with her heart. You can really feel her dedication to supporting women. Her tools for communicating & connecting - priceless. AND huge BONUS points for the most generous gift giving that I’ve ever experienced at any event in my life!
I highly, highly recommend this incredible experience!"

First and Foremost ...

This is a Brilliant Leadership & Growth Training Program that includes:


✓ 11 Leadership Development Group Training Sessions 

to Transform Your Energy as a Leader.

2 x 60-Min. Individual Coaching Sessions 

w/AmyK Pre & Post Event to Elevate Your ROI of the Tools ~

8 Mind~Body Group Integration Sessions 

to Help You Embody YOUR Leadership Signature ~

~ PLUS ~

An Incredible Playbook 

Filled with Proven Leadership and Sales Techniques & Strategies


 And we're meeting in an exquisite environment to help you reset & refuel as you learn how to embody a whole new level of energetics. 


Your Brilliant Experience:

 Southern CA - USA
3 Nights Luxury Hotel
Welcome Reception
9 Delicious, Custom Meals to Fit Your Preferences
On the Coast 
Grounding Experiences Such as Yoga & Sound Bath Healing
SWAG Bag Filled with EXQUISITE Gifts Designed to Delight & Elevate Your Energy
✨All of the Above Included✨





EARLY BIRD Registration Ends May 23, 2024

Only 8 seats available. Grab your spot today and start advancing your business, your relationships and your life.

*Full Deets Shared Upon Receipt of Application

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*LIMITED TIME OFFER until April 24, 2024*

Elevate your ENERGETICS with our exclusive WhatsApp Program Bonus! 

 When you register by April 24, 2024, you'll receive weekly messages from AmyK that will help you stay laser-focused and achieve remarkable results as you receive personalized motivation and insights

This incredible BONUS is like receiving a personalized coaching session every week, up until the start of the IIC program in August!

And it's not just about incredible growth, results & transformation; it's also about fun! AmyK’s dynamic content keeps you engaged and uplifted, making personal growth an exciting journey. 

Join our IIC program by April 24, 2024, and experience the thrill of progress, all through the convenience and enjoyment of WhatsApp!

*Only 8 seats available, Reserve your spot today*


Women Leaders, we’ve worked hard to get where we are.


We have teams to lead and big goals to meet.  We're usually flying high at 90mph... yet how often do we truly P.A.U.S.E. and reflect:


"Who's nourishing us?"

Join the IIC Sales Leadership Program & come out of auto-pilot— 

and into grounded, inspired energetics



Set in a luxurious So-Cal resort, we'll set up the ideal environment for you to experience a deep reset. Get back to a neutral state that grounds you & encourages you, so you can move forward more effectively.  


Give yourself the dedicated & precious time to focus on YOU, your energy and your business & life goals, so you can keep leading your high-performing team with more ease (and fun!) than ever before.


In [2] Private Coaching Sessions with AmyK, [9] Group Sales Leadership Sessions, and [8] Mind~Body Integration sessions, you'll learn to elevate & maintain your energetic state, and the energy of your team - and finally get the profitable outcomes you desire.

Get a sneak peak into this incredible experience ~



When you invest in mastering your ENERGY as a Leader - you win, your team wins, your business wins.


Join us this August 1-4, 2024 in Southern CA to cultivate your Divine Feminine Leadership at its finest ... together. 

*Only 8 seats available.




EARLY BIRD Registration Ends May 23, 2024

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She Gets It Influential Impact. 


 From the very first session with AmyK, I've been blown away with our results.


"AmyK's coaching helped my team increase sales by 25% during a pandemic! My team ended the year in the top 3 in the company, and I got promoted from Director to Regional Vice President. 

AmyK's simple tweaks, her Magical Phrases, her ability to unlock a mindset block, and all her insights on how I can lead more collaboratively has made an enormous impact. And bonus, we're having more fun!

Thank you, AmyK!"

- MEGAN SUMMERS | Guardian Life

 The results from AmyK’s Inner Circle Program have been stellar.


"It’s truly helped me and my team up our game.  Her skills and approach have made us more accountable, actionable, and overall morale has increased dramatically. 

All of this attributed to our overall company’s growth from $8M to over $22M in just one year – and all during the pandemic as well."

- HOLLIS BUFFERD | CEO, Star Hill Financial

Leaders from these companies have experienced the magic of SGI coaching:

and many more...


The IIC Sales Leadership Program - 

it's everything you’ve been searching for in a transformational training.


All designed to elevate your energetic essence.




The Iconic Inner Circle LIFEFORCE Leadership Program

 is everything you’ve been searching for in a transformational experience.


All designed to EMBODY your Energetic Essence.



Nourish & Reset

  • 3 Nights 5-Star Accommodation [Thursday, Friday, Saturday] at a Luxurious  Resort in Southern CA – All Specific Deets Shared After You Apply
  • Welcome Reception, 9 Custom Meals & Snacks

Elevate & Embody

  • Pre-Retreat Individual, 60-Minute Coaching Session with AmyK (online)
  • 11 Group Leadership Training Sessions Lead by AmyK
  • 8 Mind-Body Group Integration Sessions of Yoga, Sound Bath, Breath Work & More Inspirational Activities to Expand Your Energetic & Leadership Capacity 
  •  Post-Retreat Individual, 60-Minute Coaching Session with AmyK (online)
- PLUS - 
  • SWAG Bag Filled with Incredibly Delightful Goodies & Gifts



in your Leadership Elevation & Energetic Transformation.
What’s Not Included:
  • Travel/Flight/Ground Transportation



    EARLY BIRD Registration Ends May 23, 2024

Who is the IIC for?

Probably YOU—our Iconic Inner Circle members are most often:
  • Women Business Owners responsible for growth & scale
  • Women Executives leading sales [and/or marketing] teams
  • Stressed out & energy depleted women who are normally not so tired
  • Loving women who want more out of their relationships – at home and at work
  • Women experiencing a deprivation of other *real* women role models
  • Successful women thinking, "I thought this stage of my career & life would be way more peaceful & fun"
  • Any woman leader who wants to be way more brilliant in business and happy in life.
Yes, Reserve My Spot!

Wisely designed and artfully constructed, the exclusive IIC

LifeForce Leadership Program will support you in ...


Getting crystal clear + focused around your unique leadership style & impact 

 Discovering the magic of tapping into & maintaining your optimal energy for success

Feeling the power of aligning your actions & how this will sky-rocket your wellbeing which skyrockets your results

When you join the IIC LifeForce Leadership Program –

you’re investing in elevating your career, your team’s success and your life... as a Leader, and as a Woman –

and as a human being on a miraculous journey.






Who motivates the motivator? Who feeds Mama Bird? We're focusing on YOU. Your mindset & well-being.

You gotta lead Yourself well before you can lead others well. Self-leadership is where it begins and ends.

You're about to get energetically LIT up. And yassss, you do deserve to PRIORITIZE you.

[🥂Champagne included. Spa treatment optional but encouraged!]


Your Team.

We’ll dive into the specific challenges & opportunities you face as a Sales leader.

Imagine standing at the intersection of communication & sales, and leading confidently in all directions

In group "hot seat" sessions with AmyK, you’ll have an opportunity to share your experiences and prepare for your most critical conversations



Your Growth.

This is where the rubber meets the road—it’s about working new & better behaviors into everyone’s daily rhythms.

Each of the group coaching sessions is designed to help you expand the skillset and confidence of you & your team. 

From deftly handling challenges to innovating for growth, to exceeding their engagement, it's time to elevate everyone's  performance and results.

Join the Iconic Inner Circle 




In 4 magical days, you'll learn how to...


Master Your Intention & Become a Conscious Creator

Focus Your Energy for Unprecedented Sales Success

Ignite Engagement for Groundbreaking Teamwork

 Align Your Team's Intelligence for Swift Problem-Solving Wins

 Master Collaboration for Efficient & Effective Processes & Pipelines

 Lead with Discernment from Grounded Inner Knowing

 Craft Compelling Narratives that Inspire Action

 Navigate Shifting Terrain with Unshakeable Resilience

Unleash Your Brilliance for High Influence + Impact


... and so much more!

 Master Your Intention & Become a Conscious Creator

 Focus Your Energy for Unprecedented Sales Success

 Ignite Engagement for Groundbreaking Teamwork

 Align Your Team's Intelligence for Swift Problem-Solving Wins

 Master Collaboration for Efficient & Effective Processes & Pipelines

 Lead with Discernment from Grounded Inner Knowing

 Craft Compelling Narratives that Inspire Action

 Navigate Shifting Terrain with Unshakeable Resilience

 Unleash Your Brilliance for High Influence + Impact


... and so much more!

Reset. Elevate. Embody.

“AmyK is a true Master of her craft. She’s brilliant at taking complex concepts and making them straightforward and accessible. The entire program -- from start to finish – felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be.
AmyK’s level of instruction, combined with all the bliss & nourishment, and the insights into how to rise in your power, made me feel like I was truly coming home to the highest version of myself. If you’re considering this experience, I highly suggest you sign up yesterday. There’s nothing out there like it. Nothing. The gifts, the food, the location, the instructors were out of this world. Every tiny detail was exquisitely intentional and even weeks after, I still feel that same feeling of being truly connected with my Inner Wisdom.
This training changed me and shifted me on a deep cellular level. AmyK is a Queen in the world of conversations. This entire experience was way more than a program, it was a transmission. Beyond grateful.”


Ready to join the 

EVE-OLUTION & take your Sales Leadership (and Life) to a whole new level?



The positive impact of AmyK’s Inner Circle in the business, my team, my leadership and my personal life has been tremendous!


"AmyK’s monthly structure and the focused topics/discussion were my roadmap to lead, support and manage an unprecedented recovery year for the business.  As you can imagine, post pandemic leading to the beginning of 2022, everything was at stake. 

Her principles, her pragmatic and driven approach, and her insights helped us drive our outcomes and exceed business goals.  Our team over-delivered on our sales plans! I signed up for Inner Circle again and am looking forward to another year of awesome results! Thank you AmyK…I so appreciate you!"


L E T ' S  E V E - O L V E 

T O G E T H E R.

As a leader it’s imperative to know how to shift your approach from fear & force to faith & flow.

In 9 Brilliant Training Sessions, the IIC Program gives you the blueprint for energy mastery 

  so you can get the profitable outcomes you desire, and have way more FUN while you're at it!



L E T ' S  E V E - O L V E  T O G E T H E R.

As a leader it’s imperative to know how to shift your approach from fear & force to faith & flow.

In 9 Brilliant Training Sessions, the IIC Program gives you the blueprint for energy mastery 

  so you can get the profitable outcomes you desire, and have way more FUN while you're at it!




Becoming a Conscious Creator

When you set an intention, you create a focused energy that aligns your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards a specific goal. Ultimately, the energy behind setting an intention is the power of your own consciousness to create your reality.



Focusing Your Energy for Unprecedented Success

Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of High-performers. Take a personal energy audit, gain clarity around what really fuels you and drains you [it’s typically not what you think!], and re-define success on your terms.



Aligning Brilliance for Groundbreaking Teamwork

Utilizing a powerful 6-question framework to increase participation and garner genuine buy-in and engagement, you’ll discover a proven tool for providing feedback, sustaining long-term behavioral change and getting the high-performing team and incredible breakthroughs and results you deserve.


Igniting Intelligence for Swift Problem-Solving Wins

Harnessing the collective intelligence of your team members to solve problems, both internally and externally, is a significant competitive advantage. You’ll learn a proven methodology for gathering diverse expertise to address challenges & opportunities more quickly, thoroughly and profitably.

"Sales happen one conversation at a time."


Harnessing Communication Styles for Efficient Productivity

You need and deserve team members who "get it" and play well, both on and off the court. Learn how to successfully navigate the tough conversations, instill the right culture in a hybrid world, hold your team accountable, and get effective results worth celebrating together.


Leading with Discernment as You Stay Grounded in Your Inner Knowing

Leading from a high-vibe, crystal clear energy, while simultaneously staying grounded, is the holy grail — the sweet juicy goodness — of igniting brilliance in yourself and others.

You’ll learn key practices for retaining your power, responding thoughtfully & navigating conflict with finesse.

Embodied, Brilliant You


Elevated, Brilliant Team


Elevated, Brilliant Profits.


Crafting Narratives that Inspire Action

We’ll look at how you’re shaping your own internal narratives as a Woman Sales Leader, your brand narrative and the narratives in the minds of your Clients—as the powerful storyteller you are.

You’ll learn how to craft stories and motivational messaging that inspire action in your team and your prospects.


Navigating Shifting Terrain with Unshakeable Resilience

We’ll explore the 4 Stages of the Change Cycle & how it affects your sales team’s performance. We’ll also debunk the myths of change, identify and resolve the 2 key things we really fear when navigating change, learn how to stay agile and mitigate pain caused by change—and lastly, how to embrace “clean pain” instead of “dirty pain” & WHY this matters for optimal performance levels.

- AND -


Unleashing Your Brilliance for High Influence + Impact

With a better understanding of what holds you back and what you want, we’ll dig into the shadow work that helps uncover your Protective Persona and Soulful Self, so that your true essence can shine.

You’ll learn how to recognize the subconscious drivers that hinder your headway—then call out those competing commitments and redirect your energy to lead from your Soul instead of your Ego.

Ready to find out what else is possible for you — in business and in life  when you take the time to invest in yourself?


Then the Iconic Inner Circle Sales Leadership Program is for you!

{Total Value of the IIC Sales Leadership Program—Individual Energetic Elements: $47,100}

Your Investment:




EARLY BIRD Registration Ends May 23, 2024

Yes, Reserve My Spot!


{ all the juicy goodness }


4:00pm  Welcome Reception
4:30pm   Setting the Stage & Introductions
5:30pm   Session I – INTENTION MASTERY
6:30pm   Dinner
7:30pm   Inspirational Energetics Group Activity
8:30pm   Conclude

FRIDAY, Feb 2nd

7:30am   Optional Yoga
8:15am    Lite Breakfast 
9:00am   Session II – ENERGY MASTERY
10:30am  Break
10:45am   Session III – ENGAGEMENT MASTERY
12:00pm  Lunch
1:15pm     Session IV –TEAM MEETING MASTERY
2:45pm    Break
3:00pm   Energetic Expansion, Embodiment & Evolution
4:00pm   Free Time
6:00pm   Dinner
7:30pm   Inspirational Energetics Group Activity
8:30pm   Conclude



7:30am   Optional Yoga
8:15am    Lite Breakfast 
9:00am   Guided Meditation
10:45am  Break
12:30pm  Lunch
1:30pm    Session VII – STORY MASTERY
2:45pm    Free Time
6:00pm   Dinner
7:30pm    Inspirational Energetics Group Activity
9:00pm   Conclude

SUNDAY, Feb 4th

7:30am   Optional Yoga
8:15am    Lite Breakfast
9:00am   Session VIII – CHANGE MASTERY
10:30am  Break
10:45am  Inspirational Energetics Session
12:30pm  Celebration Lunch & Group Closing Activity
1:30pm    Close
Due to the high-level of personalized support from AmyK, there are only 9 seats available.
Reserve My Spot


One of the best investments you can make in your sales results, is an investment in YOU.


Ready to elevate your energetic essence & sky-rocket your results and wellbeing?


Investment: $18,888

Due to the high-level of personalized support from AmyK, there are only
8 seats available.




EARLY BIRD Registration Ends May 23, 2024


Join the IIC Sales Leadership Program
In case we haven't met yet...

I'm AmyK!

If you’re curious why 250+ and counting companies have invited me on their keynote stage or invited me to lead their leadership retreats or facilitate their sales training programs …

🏆 I’m an award-winning international speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling author of two books, The Secrets Leaders Keep and Get It: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary, and Success You Want.

  • My clients include: Whole Foods, Expedia, Lockheed Martin, UBS, iS CLINICAL, American Banking Association, AD, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, and hundreds more.

I received my M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and have been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks including Bloomberg, NBC, and ABC.

When I’m not helping women improve their confidence, honor their worth, and become the best version of themselves in both their professional & personal lives — you can find me at home in San Diego, with my favorite human Scott and our bulldog, Moose, usually spending the weekend hiking, spotting dolphins, or in search of a tasty taco.


Meet Dana ...

When Dana Damara enters your life, everything shifts.  She has an organic ability to tap into the intuitive elemental connection to the magic of women and their power. 

Dana’s own power as a dynamic agent of change becomes obvious when you read her books, watch her videos, or sit with her in session. 

As an activist for women of all ages all around the globe, Dana began her yoga journey over 20 years ago,

which has included working with prenatal women and new mothers, owning a successful yoga studio in the Northwest, writing and running Dana Damara Evolution Yoga School, creating Youth and Girls Elevate, facilitating Women’s Circles, and leading workshops, trainings and retreats from Mexico to Costa Rica to Italy and Greece and more … and of course, Santa Barbara. 

As a spiritual Ninja, walking this mystic path with practical shoes, Dana has raised her two teen girls doing what she loves, offering a balance between the realities of motherhood and mystic tendencies, and we are blessed to have her fabulous energy in our Iconic Inner Circle.

I get these questions all the time.

Women Leaders,

Let's DO this! 

Apply for the Iconic Inner Circle

LifeForce Leadership Program 

Please fill out the form below & you'll hear from us shortly with the next steps!

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