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March 26th, 27th & 28th, 2024

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Do you ever wish you had just the magic words to say to …

That one person at work who drives you nuts with their provoking and scoffing comments?

Or …

Do you wish you had just the right words to say ...

in that stalemate of disagreement with a co-worker, where you just want to be able to move forward with dignity (& avoid creating even more tension)?

Or …

Do you wish you had just the right words to say ...

in one of those often dreaded “critical performance conversations,” whether you’re asking for a raise or deciding whether to give one?

✨ ✨ ✨

Well, look no further —


is here !!

✨ ✨ ✨

In this brilliant, actionable-tool-packed 3-day Masterclass Series, you’re going to get the perfect words for ALL of the above scenarios!!


Get proven tools and communication techniques that you can start applying to your work conversations from Day 1, and go from feeling frustrated and at a loss of how to move past these tough situations …

… to feeling totally fabulous & walking away with a confident smile!

Hey, there! AmyK here.


The #1 Phrase that I live my life by is:

"Life happens one conversation at a time."


Now I invite you to take a *Pause* ~ and feel into this for a moment.

When you think about it, isn't it true that life's most pivotal moments transpire within conversations?

And isn't it true that often, the life you desire is on the other side of a tough conversation?


This is exactly why your ability to have truly Magical Conversations is crucial to getting the rewarding relationships, career, and life you yearn for.


And this is especially true in the workplace.



👉 Nearly 50% of workers reported a negative impact on job satisfaction because of ineffective communication?

 👉 42% said ineffective communication increased their stress levels,

👉 and 40% said it reduced trust in their leadership and team —  

now that's a LOT of missed opportunities at work -- all due to poor communication -- which could have been totally avoidable.

*Source: Forbes Interview, 2023


In case you're thinking, "So what does that mean exactly, AmyK?"  

It means ...

✅ Knowing the exact words and phrases to say to take the heat out of an escalating argument 

✅ Knowing how to respond to an insulting comment without losing your cool

✅ Truly being able to understand the other person's motivations and get to the root of the issue

✅ Being able to gracefully agree to disagree and still work together and move forward

✅ Knowing how to add your voice to the conversation with confidence, especially when you have differing views ...

... and so much more!

After these 3 Days of "Magical Conversations at Work", you'll walk away with a powerful set of communication tools that will truly set you apart as a Leader in your organization.




How to Defuse a Difficult Person

Difficult people are perhaps a fact of life. 

And since you can’t change other people, the key is changing how you respond to them—the results will surprise you! In this module, I'll teach the ✅ "De-stink" technique, where you'll learn to alchemize a potential conflict into a productive conversation. 

How awesome is that?!



How to Agree to Disagree (and still move forward)

It's tough to collaborate with people who you feel fundamentally disagree with you.  So how do you move past it with honor and grace?

In this module, we'll unpack ✅ how to handle differing & divisive viewpoints and beliefs that might come up in the workplace. The outcome is that you'll feel confident speaking your truth. In the real world this can result in mutual understanding and trust -- even when you aren't seeing eye-to-eye, or it can simply mean holding your own.



How to Ask for / Give a Raise or Promotion

Critical performance conversations at work are necessary but not always easy.

Initiating a critical conversation with a supervisor (or employee) can lead to outcomes like a promotion, salary raise, or more respect, but if not handled well, it can lead to seriously uncomfortable interactions, disrespect, or a desire to move on from the job.

This module explores ✅ 4 Key Prep Strategies to use that will greatly increase your chance of getting a raise before the conversation even begins!

ALSO, whether you're asking for a raise or promotion, or giving one, we'll also learn my  Effective 6-Question Framework that delivers a magical conversation every time.


The communication techniques in these 3 Magical Sessions will have you leaving critical conversations with your boss, coworkers, and employees unscathed ...

... or even better — with a SMILE on your face! 😉


From the She Gets It Community: 

"I’m so glad I found AmyK!"

"Having someone in my corner to help me be a better coach, drive higher sales results and help my team live their best lives has been priceless!

I appreciate AmyK’s no nonsense approach. Her simple tweaks, her magical phrases, her ability to unlock a mindset block, and all her insights on how I can lead more collaboratively has made an enormous impact. And bonus, we’re having more fun! Thank you, AmyK!”

- MEGAN, Regional VP

"I’m a huge fan of AmyK - a groupie!"

"The tools I learned in her classes made my difficult conversations incredibly manageable and sometimes downright easy.  AmyK helped me to feel more confident and she’s given me practical tools and methods so I’m ready for anything thrown my way!”

- ERIN, Sales Executive

"We loved AmyK! Such an inspiring and practical program."

"AmyK shares exactly how to stand up for yourself in tough situations, create connections, challenge ideas without confrontation and use Magical Phrases to create alignment. We all agree we left more courageous, confident and inspired!”

- LAURI, Senior VP

"AmyK’s presentation marked the largest participation of all our digital programs."  

"AmyK’s tangible techniques and unbelievable energy gave our members a sense of empowerment to use their voice and assert their personal agency.”


About AmyK

AmyK Hutchens is a catalyst for maximizing your brilliance. She’s an international award-winning speaker with over 2700+ presentations, Amazon #1 bestselling author of two books, and has over twenty-three years’ experience training, coaching and consulting with clients such as Whole Foods, The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, UBS and hundreds more.  AmyK founded the global Self-leadership platform www.shegetsit.com, received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University, and has been a featured guest on numerous TV, radio & print networks including Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, USA Today, US News & World Report, NBC & ABC.  She resides in San Diego, California with her favorite human, Scott, and their bulldog Moose.  




If these organizations trust me to help their leaders... 

you  can too.

plus hundreds more.



So, are you ready to turn UP your influence at work and advance your career ...

one magical conversation at a time?



Then join us for


LIVE, Online Course

March 26th, 27th & 28th, 2024

9am-10am Pacific Time Zone 


Registration for this course is currently closed. 

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Your energy is more valuable than anything.


Wouldn't you agree?

So it's time to UNPLUG from time-wasting conversations that drain your energy and go nowhere —

whether it's with your co-workers, boss, clients, employees ... and even at home. 


is designed to cut through all the B.S.—

in the fastest, most efficient and graceful way possible.  

The strategies and tools I'm sharing in this value-packed 3 day program have saved my clients sooooo much time, money and ENERGY!  And they've avoided countless frustrating conversations to boot.

Now how magical is THAT?


I invite you to take back your power

and start plugging it into profitable conversations that get you the career, relationships and life you desire.

And MAGICAL CONVERSATIONS at WORK will give you the step-by-step, word-for-word blueprint to make that happen.

NO-nonsense, guaranteed. 😉

What do you say -- you in?

"AmyK’s ability to quickly get straight to the root cause of an issue means you fix it fast."

"I love her approach and ability to always give me the right words or framework to lead a tough conversation. Each time I have a coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of 'I’ve got this!'"