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VIP/Premier | SGI NEXT LEVEL ~ Let Your Leadership Signature Shine!

YES!  I'm redunkulously thrilled to welcome you inside the VIP She Gets It NEXT LEVEL Program, and to be a witness to all that is ahead for you in the next level of your life & career.


What you'll get:

  • Six 90-Minute LIVE, Online Classes w/AmyK 
  • Six Corresponding Playbooks with Self-leadership Tools & Exercises
  • Six Captivatingly Radiant Conversations [CRC] Videos to Elevate Your Energy & Radiance

🌟 PLUS these Exclusive VIP BONUSES:

  • Six 60-Minute LIVE, Online VIP Group Coaching Sessions w/ AmyK
  • Email Access to AmyK Throughout the Six Week Program - AmyK is here for you.
  • Six Advanced Self-leadership Energy Exercises to Fast Track You Forward
  • LIVE BONUS CLASS 1 with AmyK - "Bolstering Your Boundaries"
  • LIVE BONUS CLASS 2 with AmyK - "Navigating Office Politics"
  • LIVE BONUS CLASS 3 with AmyK - "Breaking Free ~ the Art of Self-Forgiveness"
  • TICKET to the 90-Minute LIVE, Online SGI Summit - "Fortifying Your Freedom Frequency" - BOOYAH!


The SGI NEXT LEVEL Program officially launches on Feb 13th —

And you’ll get all the details along with immediate access to your product when you register - so you can start diving into your next-level Best Self right away!

I can't wait.  See you on the inside!



What People Are Saying:

I was blown away by AmyK’s passion, enthusiasm, and expertise in helping women ‘communicate brilliantly.’ One of the things I appreciated most about working with AmyK is that she is not afraid to get personal. She is willing to dig deep and help you face your past, reflect on what made you who you are today, and understand the reasons for your thoughts and decisions. The tools she provides have been invaluable to me in both my personal and professional life. After this program with AmyK I am now more confident in speaking up and taking time for myself, sharing my ideas, and building relationships with others. As you would say AmyK, "From my heart to yours." Hugs and THANK YOU!

Terri Reif | VP Regional Retail Manager, Pennsylvania Community Bank

AmyK’s program was a game-changer for me! The tools re-focused my time and energy, and AmyK really helped me reframe difficult situations in a more constructive and positive way -- both at home and at work. AmyK’s energy is so fun, she kept me engaged and left me wanting more at the end of each hour. Her insights and guidance have helped boost my confidence, and I have no doubt that I am a better leader, co-worker, friend, wife, and mom because of it. Thanks, AmyK!

Jenny Hughes | Senior Vice President, Argano 4 Oracle