Keynote with AmyK 



One critical skill...

has the POWER to close multi-million-dollar deals,

save marriages, advance careers,

and align individuals with their best lives.

And it’s finding just the right words to communicate brilliantly.


Keynote with AmyK 



One critical skill...

has the POWER to close multi-million-dollar deals, save marriages, advance careers, and align individuals with their best lives.

And it’s finding just the right words to communicate brilliantly.


The Signature Keynote from AmyK

Imagine having a genius set of communication skills that can...

👉 Break down barriers

🔥 Inspire ACTION

🤓 Solve Problems

💞 & Create Meaningful Connections.

     (Sounds pretty magical, right?)

- PLUS -

What if you had the confidence + courage to... 

SHARE your ideas, 

 SPEAK with conviction, 

 & HONOR the value of your voice?  

👉 And what if your team had those skills, too?

You’d be unstoppable

That’s where I come in.

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Got a Minute?   Watch me in action—it’s fun!

(at least that's what I've heard 😉)

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"We are EXTREMELY happy that we chose AmyK for our virtual leadership summit as both an opening keynote and breakout session speaker!"

"What a way to kick-off our conference! Even virtually, AmyK's high energy came through, and the content she shared left everyone in awe.

AmyK's approach to communication is magical and practical! Our attendees found the content immediately applicable to their professional and personal lives and they got so enthused in continuing their leadership journey. THANK YOU, AMYK!"

- SUSAN KAISER | Committee Chair, PWH Leadership Summit


✨ Igniting brilliance in your team

& helping everyone tackle their toughest leadership, sales, and innovation challenges.

With an uncanny ability to simplify the complex and turn theory into practical application... 


1) Audiences LOVE me

Seriously … I show up in sparkly sneakers, clicker in hand, deliver my thoughts & tools entertainingly, and I’m consistently among the highest-rated speakers at events. I love it! 

I promise to be approachable on stage and behind the scenes, and I’ll treat your people as if they’re my own.  Because they are!

2) Never a crazy demand …

I like all color M&Ms, any reasonable temperature of water is GREAT, and seriously I’m about as low maintenance as they come. After all, it takes a lot just to get me to wear a pair of heels!

When I show up, I’m focused on meeting your needs. If I can make your job easier or your audience happier—I’ll do backflips (metaphorically speaking) to get it done! I also love to help promote events, assist with marketing, and meet & greet your VIPs—just ask.

3) I'm hip to the current trends

I take pride in having my pulse on what leaders and companies are experiencing today. I make it a point to turn learning curves, challenges, and opportunities into compelling, engaging stories with experiential exercises that will help you implement your ideas long after I first got your brain buzzing. 

Scout’s honor.

4) Unparalleled content & delivery

I’ve taught from stages for nearly 3 decades now, plus, pinch me, I’ve got two #1 Amazon bestselling books!

No matter how many quirky & irreverent comments I make, I’m still a recognized authority on the critical thinking required behind Brilliant Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and CommunicationGo figure!

Ready to find out how we can ELEVATE & EMPOWER your organization's Leaders together? 

I’ll partner with you to design a customized program with numerous nuggets... 

(Not just 1-2 “solid” takeaways. *cue eye roll*) 

...that will create a grand-slam experience 🎉 🙌 for your audience.

"That sounds brilliant!" Let's talk keynote >>

"AmyK is a master storyteller... and she presents with the energy of an athlete."

"We loved her presentation and already invited her back!"

- SHELLY PISORS | Vice President, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Comerica Bank

Here's how we can



1) Communicate

to Connect


Imagine having the ideal set of communication skills to break down barriers, inspire action, heal relationships, solve problems and create real connection. What if you had the confidence and courage to share your ideas, speak with conviction and honor the worth of your own voice? You’d be unstoppable: both brilliant in business and happy in life.  AmyK’s humor and wisdom shines through as she shares highly practical tools to help you navigate your toughest conversations without saying something you regret or giving your power away. AmyK’s Magical Phrases and communication techniques, used around the globe, have helped close multi-million dollar deals, save marriages, advance careers, heal family dynamics, and align leaders with their “right” and best lives. 


2) The Power of

Profitable Conversations


In this compelling and energetic session, leaders will be inspired and equipped to raise performance & productivity levels in an era of unprecedented change. Those leaders who hone their communication skills & learn how to turn a tough conversation into a highly profitable one WIN. With humor and wisdom AmyK shares practical tools for choosing and crafting conversations that fuel top performers, expand partner relationships, promote inclusion & engagement, and drive profitable results. From mindset and motivation to conquering our biggest challenges, AmyK shares with leaders how to ignite their own brilliance & harness the collective intelligence in their teams to create unprecedented competitive advantages that drive their business forward faster. 


The Keynote

✓ 45-90 minute virtual event or in-person keynote

Workshops & Breakout Sessions

✓ Option to adapt or add on half-day or full-day workshops. Topics: Managing Change, Conflict Resolution, Innovation, and/or Sales

✓ Additional breakout sessions available

Fully Customizable

✓ Each Keynote is customizable to match your audience’s needs & conference theme.

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If these brilliant organizations trust me to help their leaders... you can too

plus hundreds more...


Better communication  

means creating a healthy company culture that fosters GROWTH.

That’s why it all comes down to how your people connect.
If you’re ready to help your people become better communicators...

Let’s DO this!