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A dream come true

leadership self-leadership transformation Feb 12, 2024
Women Leaders of the IIC February 2024

Dear SGI Goddess,

Ever have a dream come true?

After years and years of holding fast to your vision?

I get it.

Last weekend a dream came true for me. A dream I had envisioned for 30+ years.

For four days, nine other women and I relished in the gorgeous experience of expanding our LifeForce energy, up-leveling our lives, and learning how to embody a whole new level of leadership.

And it was a brilliant, mind-magnifying, body-buzzing gathering.

These women leaders were smart, funny and open to vulnerability.

They arrived with their unique dreams, their personal histories, their challenges, their goals and desires, and we all left both uplifted and grounded in a whole new way of BEING.

AND… we left as friends.

From Chief Executive Officers and horse breeders, to kick-ass sales leaders and business owners, these women were seeking a higher frequency for their Energetic Essence in which to play full out, be wildly successful on their own terms, and have more fun along the way.

As one member shared,

“I came for the professional tools, which I got, but it was the personal epiphanies that’ve changed me forever.”

We had women in their fifties, forties and thirties.

Women who were navigating male-dominated industries, and those who were facing the twists and turns of entrepreneurial growth.

Women who needed more challenge in their work life, and women running on fumes who desired a refuel.

And they all showed up to better themselves and support one another. Because at the end of Day 1 of the Iconic Inner Circle, it was crystal clear we all had more in common than we had differences.

We also ate incredible food. INCREDIBLE. Who new lentils with pesto could be so over the top delicious? Who knew a fish taco could be transcendent?! ;-)

Our overarching question for our time together:

 How might I best fuel my LifeForce Energy [my light] so I can be both beacon and ballast to myself and those I lead? 

It was a life-changing experience to say the least, and my heart is so full as we each learned to receive, receive, receive.

And now I want to share a piece of this experience with you too.

So you can start fueling up your LifeForce energy right now.

Your Energetic Essence – meaning your primary underlying energy – determines everything.


Your underlying “state of being” creates your interactions with everyone and everything around you.

As in, your “state of being” determines exactly what kind of beacon and ballast you are for yourself and others.

Consider …

👉 Are you walking around primarily in the frequency of stress, annoyance and irritation?

👉 Might you be impatient and in the vibration of rush, rush, rush?

👉 Are you often focusing on the one thing that went wrong instead of the three things that went right?

👉 Are you tense and contracted, waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Or …

🌟 Are you relaxed, heart open, and fully present?

🌟 Are you investing in your overall well-being so you can show up grounded & strong?

🌟 Do you prioritize the people/places/projects that light you up so you can enthusiastically contribute even more?

🌟 Do you lead with love and patience?

In other words … are you consciously maintaining an Energetic Essence that creates the life and relationships you truly desire?

All of which leads me to ask you that fundamental question:

How might you best fuel your LifeForce Energy [your light] this year so you can be both a radiant beacon and a grounded ballast to yourself and those you lead?

And if you have a friend, colleague or family member who could use this message and questions … feel free to forward this email.

Let’s help lift each other up this year because the world needs our brilliant light more than ever. It really and truly does.




P.S.: And … in case you’d like to learn wildly effective & proven tools for embodying a frequency that transforms your life … the next Iconic Inner Circle will be happening Aug 1st-4th, 2024. Hold the dates.


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