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An obsession we've GOT to let go of

self-acceptance Feb 26, 2024

Hey, Goddess!

Do you remember when you first spotted a gray hair in the mirror?

Perhaps you now have more than one?!

I got a haircut last week, and apparently, I’m more gray than ever.

Why was everyone so shocked? And by everyone, I mean me.

First of all, I’m not exactly Benjamin Button and growing younger every day.

Second of all, I’m 52.

Third of all, I highlight my hair.

So, why was I surprised when the hairdresser shared, “Okay, let’s cover up all this new gray growth.”

Huh? What NEW gray growth?!

And then I had a mini-epiphany.

A part of the reason I was surprised is because so many of the conversations we partake in these days are about anti-aging.

We color hair to hide gray. We smear lotions and potions to fight wrinkles. We lift, nip, tuck, fill, splice, dice, tweeze, and cover up to say to the world,

“Nothing happening over here. I’m not aging!”

So my hypothesis is … my anti-aging conditioned brain was a lil surprised by the real fact that not everything about me is anti-aging. And … it was a rude betrayal.

The obsession we have about anti-aging is hard wiring our brains to believe that aging is somehow bad. Wrong. Something to be ashamed of. And something that should altogether be stopped.

And sadly, we’ve literally and figuratively bought into this very warped thinking.

Instead of embracing our milestones, celebrating our wisdom, and accepting the beauty of this precious journey in each and every transient phase, we do everything to deny our age.

Our age: the penultimate marker of our life experiences and eve-olution.

Now, I’m not gonna be a hypocrite. I followed through with my highlights last Friday. Highlights I believe Mother Nature truly forgot to give me at birth, as I’ve believed in and ordained my “natural bottle blonde” for over 30 years. ;-)

But more seriously, I’d like to propose a shift in our conversations starting right here, right now.

Might we swap anti-aging for pro-longevity?

As in … instead of trying to stop time, how might we elongate a vibrant relationship with it?

As in … how might we focus more on our overall physical health, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and contributing our light to the world even longer —and less on making women feel bad for being older tomorrow than they were yesterday.

Heck, you’ve been aging while reading this blog post! The horrors! ;-)

Today, I’m inviting you to be more aware going forward of dropping the anti-aging language and dogma, and consciously sparking pro-longevity magical conversations.

May this subtle, but oh-so powerful shift in your mindset & conversations inspire you to then make choices that result in you getting gobsmacks more time to enjoy “your one wild and [and now even longer] precious life.”*

Hugs n hugs,



*The phrase “your one wild and precious life” belongs to the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Ms. Mary Oliver.

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The more the merrier! AND … the more magical conversations we’re all leading, the more light we spread in the world.

And the world really needs our light right now. It really and truly does.


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