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Beat procrastination by doing THIS.

self-leadership Feb 19, 2024
A clean and organized table

Dearest SGI Queen,

Do you ever procrastinate?

Not a trick question.

So many of us are go-getters, high-achievers, doers and redunkulously productive women that I just wanted to ask you a realz question.

Do you ever avoid anything?!

I do.

I’ve been avoiding three things in 2024 thus far:

1. Cleaning the garage,

2. Tax Prep,

3. 2 HUGE piles on the table in my office.

😵‍💫 And it drives ME CRAZY to see & feel these things taunting me every day.

Apparently, NOT crazy enough to tackle them, but crazy enough to be distracted, annoyed and feeling the energy drain of NOT dealing with them.

So this past weekend [and a lil bit last week] I started approaching them with a different mindset.

I started taking mini-actions to get the momentum going.

Once the momentum starts, I typically find myself feeling less like a rebellious teenager [or petulant child], and more like a responsible adult.

And … it feels so good to see the results of a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a clean surface.

This past Sunday afternoon I said to myself, “Start with 11 pieces in the first pile. Then see how you feel.”

The piles are now gone. Done. Crossed off the list with a Sharpie. This action always feels good to me too. ;-)

Can you relate? Do you love the feeling of crossing stuff off your list?

1. Cleaning the garage,

2. Tax Prep,

3. 2 HUGE piles on the table in my office.

Then, the tax prep got started. Just started, but I’m already sensing the certainty of now completing it this week.

Momentum is magical.

As for the garage … I hit a snag when I found a rat’s nest on day 1 of cleaning, but Pest control has been here, I’ve removed all nesting material, AND I’ve located two places near me that dispose of paint cans properly. The momentum is building here too. I know for a fact those paint cans will be gone by Friday.

For most of us, on most days, we get up and we hit it hard. We accomplish a lot.

But for those tasks that seem harder to get started, I encourage you to take one small action, followed by another, and use this Magical phrase with yourself to reset your mindset,

“Momentum is magical.”

To clean surfaces and igniting your momentum.





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