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Breakthrough vs Transformation

embodiment self-leadership sustainable success transformation Jan 16, 2024

Hey there, SGI Queen.

So many coaches and leaders use the word “transformational” it’s sorta become a B.S. buzzword.

What’s NOT B.S. is actually having a breakthrough, and then sustaining that “ah-ha!” with the actions and practice that lead to an actual transformation.

Let’s break it down … cuz your future happiness just might depend on it.

A breakthrough serves as a catalyst or ah-ha moment.

As in, you have a realization, an epiphany, or an awakening.

Transformation is the alchemical process of embodying that realization into a whole new way of being and acting.

Professional Example:

Breakthrough: Imagine successfully leading a team through a challenging project, a moment where you realize the depth of your capabilities. This is the breakthrough – the catalyst that opens your eyes to your potential.

Transformation: The real transformation occurs when you internalize the breakthrough and embrace a whole new level of confidence at work. You move beyond merely recognizing your capabilities to embodying the belief that you are a visionary leader who knows how to harness the collective intelligence of your team.

This metamorphosis influences:

  • a stronger growth mindset,
  • the way you approach challenges and opportunities,
  • your daily actions,
  • your decision-making processes,
  • your future interactions,
  • your Self concept.

Your professional identity is forevermore defined by your new belief that you are truly a leader.

Personal Relationship Example:

Breakthrough: Imagine resolving a long-standing conflict with a loved one, a moment that brings clarity and understanding.

Transformation: The transformation unfolds when this breakthrough becomes a catalyst for a fundamental shift in your relationship dynamics overall. You don't merely solve a single conflict – you shift from reactive to proactive, from seeing challenges as threats to viewing them as opportunities for growth. You better understand how to show compassion while simultaneously holding firm on your boundaries -- not only in this relationship, but with others as well. This transformation permeates your interactions, fostering greater resiliency and connectivity in several of your relationships.

Magical Questions:

1) The first Magical Question to ask yourself is,

✨ "Are my beliefs liberating me or limiting me?"
This question can become a compass on your journey of genuine growth and transformation. It challenges you to evaluate whether your beliefs about yourself, the way things work, how it’s “supposed to be,” about others, etcetera are propelling you forward or holding you back.

This Magical Question often ignites breakthroughs as you realize which of your beliefs are guiding you into stagnation, frustration and resentment and which ones propel you toward a path of liberation and empowerment.

2) To help you then move from a breakthrough to transformation, ask yourself the second Magical Question,

✨ "What story am I telling myself on a cellular level?"
This insightful question serves as a guiding light when shifting from an old mindset to a new embodied belief system. I.e. your body keeps the score.

You can give lip service all day long, pretending to embody a new way of being, but what you’re feeling and experiencing within your body is the ultimate truth. Do your thoughts & words align with your body’s new frequency? If not, herein lies the opportunity to take action towards more realized transformation.

Breakthroughs are brilliant and necessary AND they spark the ignition of change, but it is just the beginning. True transformation lies in the embodiment of your new beliefs and the integration of these revelations into your brain, body and your daily life.

May your year ahead be filled with breakthroughs that you consciously sustain, take action on, and embody for true transformation within your career, your relationships and your life.




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