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Deepen your gratitude practice like this

embodiment emotional intelligence energy gratitude self-leadership May 20, 2024
Deepen Your Gratitude Practice like this

Dearest SGI Goddess,

If you are a gratitude journal keeper or a gratitude list maker … this message is for you.

Not all gratitude rituals give you the same benefits, so if you’re looking to deepen the ROI from your gratitude practice, check out this short video. 

To holding the feeling frequencies of gratitude in your body.




P.S.: Come join us LIVE June 12th or July 10th at 9am PT for my Master Your Energy Masterclass Intensive and UP your vibes! 🤗

I’ll be sharing:

💫 The 11 Truths of Energy & How They Impact Your Mindset & Results

💫 2 Magical Questions for Holding on to Your Power

💫 How to Stop Energy Vampires So You’re Less Drained by Their Nonsense

💫 The Highest Vibe Frequencies to Expand Your Capacity & Healing

💫 How to Reset Your Energetic Essence for Greater Pleasure & Purpose

💫 My Favorite Four Word Mantra for All Your Relationships.

LOVE these super practical tools and I know you will too!

Click here to join the fun! (The replay will be available if you cannot attend live.)



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