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DELIGHT is in the details.

energy mindset shifts Jun 26, 2023
The Devil is in the details.

Dear SGI Goddesses,

There’s a phrase I’m sure you’re familiar with:

"The devil is in the details."
I heard it yesterday and immediately thought of an uplifting twist.
Watch this quick video and see how you & those you influence might benefit from putting a little extra TLC in the details.
To lighting up YOUR life.




I’m super excited to share that we too are paying extra attention to the details of our upcoming Women’s Leadership retreat so you can have a BEYOND DELIGHTFUL experience!

✨ We’ve curated thoughtful & thought-provoking goodies & gifts.

✨ We’re customizing nutritious & delicious meals.

✨ We’ve wisely designed activities that will light up your Spirit, soothe your Soul and give you the Insider Secret Sauce of Sales leadership.

✨ Yep, I’ll be sharing the energetic gems of BRILLIANT sales leadership to help you and your team grow more easily.

If learning to uplift your energy to advance your career, relationships and life intrigues you, I invite you to learn more about our upcoming retreat this August.

**Registration ends July 7th!  Reserve your spot now: 


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