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3 Ways to Activate YOUR Divine Feminine Leadership

authenticity communicating to connect divine feminine emotional intelligence empathic intelligence leadership Nov 06, 2023
AmyK Hutchens

SGI Goddesses,

In a world that needs your unique light shining brightly, expressing your Divine Femininity is a powerful way to inspire and lead with grace, wisdom, and compassion.

As in, we don’t need to try and “be like one of the guys” or even “be like ANYONE else” to be wildly successful.

For those of you who may be new to the concept, Divine Feminine leadership is not about gender; it transcends it. It's a state of being, a way of leading that embraces the highest qualities of the feminine energy within all of us.

As you integrate these three practices into your leadership style, you'll inspire those around you to tap into their own Divine Feminine essence, fostering a culture of authenticity, growth, and empowerment.

Together, we can co-create a world where Divine Feminine leadership shines brightly, guiding us towards a more balanced, integrative and harmonious future.

Here are 3 transformative tips to cultivate & express YOUR Sacred Feminine Essence:

1) ✨Cultivate Your Majesty✨

Think of it as … you, only more relaxed, approachable, playful, loving and confident. This Majestic frequency transcends Ego-driven power by embodying Soul-activated grace, dignity, and a regal presence that commands respect without the need for force.

As a Divine Feminine leader, embodying Majesty also means recognizing your intrinsic worthiness and learning how to truly love and accept your Self. When you fully accept yourself you’ll more fully value the inherent worth of others.

When you’re in your Divine Feminine power, you’ll approach challenges with a sense of poise and composure, allowing your inner radiance to shine through. In doing so, you inspire others to step into their own sense of Majesty.

2) ✨Harness Strength – Yours and Others✨

I invite you to first tap into the wellspring of your own inner strength – a strength that transcends physical force. Your strength, your power, emanates from a deep connection to your inner wisdom and intuition.

As a Divine Feminine leader, trust in your intuition, allow it to guide your decisions, and encourage others to do the same. Create space for reflection, meditation, or practices that allow you to tap into your inner guidance. By honing your intuition, you'll make decisions that are not only logical, but also aligned with a deeper, more profound knowing.

This inner connection to your Higher Self empowers you to face challenges with confidence and resilience, paving the way for more authentic connections and conversations and greater influence and impact. Your Divine Feminine strength also thrives on connection, empathy, and collaboration.

Foster a sense of community among your team or circle. Listen actively, empathize genuinely, and seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Through genuine connections, you'll build a foundation of trust and support that empowers everyone to reach their fullest potential.

3) ✨Channel Compassion✨

Love and compassion are the most potent tools of Divine Feminine Leadership. Practice kindness, empathy, and forgiveness in all interactions. Lead with a heart wide open, recognizing the inherent worth and goodness in every individual. By emanating love, you create an environment where people feel seen, valued, and supported.

As a Divine Feminine leader, recognize that assertiveness and standing your ground can be grounded in love and empathy. Tough love is still love. Use your influence to uplift and empower others, creating a harmonious and nurturing environment where everyone can thrive. And as Elizabeth Lesser would say, “Do no harm. Take no shit.”

By integrating these three principles into your leadership approach, you unlock your full potential to embrace YOUR truest version of Divine Feminine leadership, which is not about dominance, but about inspiring and empowering yourself and others to reach THEIR highest potential.


Lastly, consciously embracing your Divine Feminine Essence guides you towards a more integrated and impactful leadership journey, legacy and life.

Which is Divine indeed.




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To the rise of the Divine Feminine Leader in you ~




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