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Gratitude is more than a list.

emotional intelligence empathic intelligence gratitude mindset shifts Jun 21, 2023
Gratitude is more than a list, it's a lifestyle.

Dear SGI Sisters,

Being thankful isn’t always our first, default response.

Have you ever realized, HOURS after the fact, that you experienced a blessing, witnessed a miracle, or received grace?

In the moment it may not have even occurred to you to think,

“I feel so blessed. I’m so grateful for this moment.”

I get it. I really do.

For years I’ve kept gratitude journals. Almost every day I write down the things, people and experiences I’m so very thankful for, AND … big AND … gratitude lists are great, and not all.

Gratitude lists are indeed a beautiful practice [highly encourage you to start this practice if you haven’t already]

… AND …

I invite you to think about making a NEW mental habit to quietly,

in the miracle moment itself,

embody the feeling of gratitude.

When you embody the feelings of appreciation & gratefulness in the moment, you’ll expand your joy even more. And your joy will radiate outwards! [Shhh…. it’ll be contagious! ;-)]

I’ll go first: 

If you’re reading this message, right now, I’m so very grateful to be connected to you. I so appreciate how smart and kind-hearted you are, and how much you believe in prioritizing your own health & well-being, and how you’re sharing these life lessons with younger women so they can “get it” even sooner.

I’m genuinely inspired by what we’re all doing -- what we’re all creating -- to honor & elevate women’s voices and sense of Self. Can you feel the truth of my thankfulness?!?!

Cheers and hugs!

AND … with great gratitude,



I’m also extraordinarily grateful for the women who are saying, “YES!” to investing in their own energy so they can live a more energized life going forward. Booyah!  

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