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You are one breath away from deeper connection

embodiment emotional intelligence energy self-leadership May 06, 2024

Hey, Goddess!

Ever been so agitated, or in such physical pain, or … ever watch a suspenseful movie and been so scared, you didn’t realize you were holding your breath?

When our muscles contract, or we go on “guard,” our breathing immediately shifts to shallow intakes — or can stop all together.

Sometimes, I think we forget just how much breath influences our state of being.

I mean, ya know, in addition to the obvi of keeping us alive. ;-)

Breath also impacts your conversations and influences your ability to connect.

A single, deep breath can transform an ordinary or even negative conversation into something truly magical and profitable.


A deep breath, inhaled and exhaled consciously, creates alignment between that very breath and your brain, body, and heart.

By pausing, consciously taking a deep breath, and resetting energetically, we open ourselves to communicate authentically and connect on a deeper level.

Consider this scenario: in a high-stakes business meeting, tensions rise as unexpected challenges emerge.

Person A, triggered by pressure, starts to get anxious and agitated. She responds to a teammate impatiently, dismissing ideas without consideration. Her reaction, fueled by stress, creates barriers to collaboration.

Contrast this with Person B, who, sensing the tension, takes a deliberate breath. This simple pause allows Person B to get grounded in her energy.

She can then respond empathically, acknowledging concerns and seeking collaborative solutions. By breathing into the moment, Person B turns conflict into an opportunity for understanding, connection and renewed commitment.

You are one breath away from a more magical response.

In our everyday lives, we encounter countless opportunities where a single breath can shift the course of a conversation.

Imagine responding to a frustrating email not with haste, but with a moment of calm reflection.

By resetting your energy through breath, you can infuse your interactions with greater empathy and connectivity.

Reality check:

If your first breath doesn’t fully shift ya, do another, and perhaps still a third. You WILL change your bio-chemistry. You may just need to give your brain & body a chance to catch up to your breath.

The next time you find yourself rushing to react—whether in a boardroom or with a friend or to an email—try this simple yet powerful technique.

🌬 Take a breath.

💫 Allow your body to reset.

Feel the energy shift within you. Then watch how this shift transforms your ability to communicate to connect.




Wanna Master Your Energy so you can be one breath away from more meaningful exchanges?

By integrating the wisdom of your breath into your interactions and grounding your energy, you create space for more transformative conversations to unfold.

Just last week I taught a client how to set her intention and harness her Energetic Essence as a SuperPower so she could react less — and make calm, intentional connections her default (even when faced with some really tough situations).

She literally wrote back the very next day, after the first of several tough conversations she needed to have, and shared,

“AmyK, you are freaking brilliant. I will never be able to thank you enough!”

The truth?

SHE was the brave and courageous one. The only person she needs to thank is herself. SHE chose to get grounded, centered and lead with the right energy.

Wanna learn more mind-body jedi practices like this too?

👉 Join us May 22, June 12 or July 10. Same masterclass – three convenient dates to choose from.


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