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I'm a proud Mama. 🌹

energy leadership self-leadership Jun 12, 2023
AmyK Hutchens with Roses

SGI Goddesses,

Look at these roses. 😍

Yep, I’m a proud mama. Some of these blooms are as big as my head.

It all started with the energy of choosing & planting the right seeds.

I’ve watered these plants, cared for them, pruned ‘em [aka tough love], talked to them, and nurtured them along, and then I stepped back with playful detachment.

I let their real mama [Mother Nature] do her thing.

And here we are. The results are magnificent.

*Fun note: the energy of love is contagious! Scott cut & arranged these roses yesterday and placed them in my office as a surprise greeting for me upon my return from traveling for several days.

These blooms are the perfect analogy for what a lil “Miracle Gro” can do in your life & relationships.

🌱 Plant the seeds of affirmation, appreciation, respect and trust in your relationships – at home AND at work.

Water these seeds.

As they grow, continue to invest your energy by nurturing ‘em, talking to ‘em, and pruning ‘em back when you need to [again - that’s tough love when required]. As in, invest your energy with the right people & projects that are the most aligned & harmonious for your garden, and yank out the weeds along the way.

Then … be a witness with playful detachment as you watch your garden blossom and delight all involved.

If you’re feeling like you could use a boost of Miracle Gro in your life and career, check out my fabulous Women’s Leadership Retreat happening this August.

It truly is gonna help your garden grow.

With huge hugs and a bloomin’ heart,



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