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Releasing Your Pain, Embracing Your Healing

energy healing self-leadership Oct 12, 2023
Releasing Your Pain, Embracing Your Healing

Hey there, SGI Goddesses.

Happy Friday.

I have a quick story I want to share that I believe will resonate and genuinely help.

And I’m posting it only within our SGI community. 😊

I think we often underestimate the profound impact our breath can have on our emotional well-being. Yet, within the rise and fall of each inhale and exhale lies a potent tool for releasing pent-up emotional pain and inviting in healing.

Conscious breathing is a practice that connects mind and body, allowing us to acknowledge, process, and ultimately let go of emotional burdens. When we consciously breathe through pain, we create space for acceptance and release. Inhaling deeply, we draw in the strength to confront our emotions, while exhaling slowly allows us to let go of what no longer serves us.

This simple act of mindfulness enables us to tap into our inner wellspring of strength and self-love.

Here’s to connecting with your breath, drawing in healing energy, and letting it guide you to emotional release and renewal.

Fierce hugs,




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