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Are you striving... or MAGNETIZING?

energy mindset shifts self-leadership Apr 17, 2023
Striving or Magnetizing?

Dearest SGI Queens,

I was standing in my rose garden on Sunday when I had a mini-moment.

One of our rose bushes was blooming in all her glory. She was just doing her thing. Being a beautiful rose bush … and all of these bees were gravitating toward her magnificence.

Life was approaching her.

It’s a beautiful metaphor for us … being in our essence, doing our thing, putting in the work of being our best selves and then letting life come to us.

We can each magnetize our “bees” when we focus on our own growth, when we lean into our own natural essence & magnificence, not because we’re shouting out & trying to wave down the bees.

We often spend so much of our energy striving, grasping, reaching, pushing, forcing. Whether it’s to cross a finish line, scale our business, find a soulmate, build a team … you get it.

I mean, seriously, the rose bush is not desperately shouting at the bee to see her. Nope, she just beckons it with her Essential Rose Radiance, and the bee is like, “Damn, Rose, … I’m a gonna come say hello.”

This week, focus on being in your radiance. This week, ask yourself, How might I attract more of life just being my captivatingly awesome Rose Self? Then let the “bees” come to you.




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