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Why do we feel shame?

emotional intelligence empathic intelligence energy self-leadership Apr 29, 2024

Hey, SGI Goddess,

If you’ve ever said or done something that created a feeling of remorse, guilt or shame, then this video is for you.

A recent conversation I had with a Client was how much shame she was feeling about having said something unkind to a neighbor.

And she couldn’t “shake it off.”

In fact, her provocative question for me led us into a thought-provoking conversation, which I share in this short video.

Press play below if you’d like to better understand why we feel shame [from my perspective] and how we start to heal from it. 

Hugs n hugs n hugs,



P.S.: One of the BIGGEST SHIFTS you can make to help you heal emotionally is to better understand and manage your energy. Working with your energy, learning how to create it from the inside out, i.e. learning how to hold the energetic frequency of love, helps prevent us from overreacting to external stimuli, increases our patience with ourselves and others, and helps us feel more grounded

And … if you’ve ever had a good mood stolen because of someone else’s negative energy … you’re gonna love my tools for stopping the Energy Vampires in your life.

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